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Freaky: Man killed by flying eagle ray


This must have been one bizarre 911 call…

    911: What is your emergency?

    Caller: My husband is dead. He was killed by a manta ray?

    911: He was stung by a manta ray while swimming?

    Caller: No, he was standing in the boat.

    911: He was stung by a manta ray while standing in a boat?

    Caller. No, the manta ray hit him in the head.

    911: A manta ray hit your husband in the head?

    Caller: Yes, it came flying out of the water and struck him in the head.

    911: Have you been drinking?

Anyway you get the idea. Here’s the AP story…

A vacationer from Michigan out for a family boat ride in the Florida Keys died Thursday when a 75-pound spotted eagle ray flew out of the water and struck her in the head.

“Out of nowhere, a spotted eagle ray pops up in front of the boat and collides with the victim,” who was standing at the bow, said Pino, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The ray was about 5 to 6 feet wide, he said.

The accident happened about 10 a.m. as Zagorski’s father, Virgil Bouck, 88, was driving the 25-foot boat about 25 mph through Vaca Cut toward the open Atlantic Ocean, Pino said. Investigators think Zagorski and the ray died instantly from the impact, according to Pino.

Also aboard were Zagorski’s mother and sister, Pino said. Zagorski’s family called 911 as Bouck pulled up to a dock at a house along the waterway, he said.

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