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Castro Still Alive And The Commies Have The Pictures To Prove It

Castro Photos Appear in Communist Paper – New York Times

The New York Times is reporting that Fidel Castro is still alive and recovering from his surgery of two weeks ago. Photos were published in the Cuba Communist Youth newspaper.

Photographer Adnan Hajj described Castro as very vibrant and energetic, but he added ” there were a lot of dust motes which needed removing”.

The New York Times neglected to publish the photo of Fidel so the crack research staff at Independent Sources made the effort to dig it up for you the loyal reader.

Fidel Castro enjoys a light snack on his 80th birthday. – Reuters Adnan Hajj

Update 8/13/06 05:21 PDT – The New York Times has expanded their article from its original two paragraphs stating that photos had been taken and that Castro “felt fine” . In it’s current form the article describes Fidel’s meeting with Hugo Chavez who said:

‘I’ll take him a nice gift, a good cake, and we’ll be celebrating the 80 years of this great figure of America and our history,” Chavez said.

The description in Granma, a Cuban newspaper, does have to cause some speculation as to what Chavez’s gift was:

”Firm Like a Caguairan,” the Granma headline read, comparing Castro to a hardwood tropical tree native to eastern Cuba.

”A friend tells us that just a few hours ago, upon visiting the Comandante who was briefly dispatching some business, he witnessed some good news that he enthusiastically summed up in one sentence: ‘The Caguairan has risen,”’ the paper said in a three-paragraph report.

Since the mental image that immediately springs to mind is Chavez in a red lace teddy and heels maybe it’s better that the New York Times still hasn’t provided pictures. Not that there is anything wrong with Hugo and Fidel getting their freak on, but I don’t want to see Kathy Bates in lingerie either and she is way up the attractiveness scale from Hugo Chavez.

Okay enough random speculation here is the actual photo from the BBC.

I think Castro looks like a wax museum dummy but maybe that’s just me.

Update 8/13/06 3:30 PDT: Raul Castro (Rooowwwwull, man what a cool name) has been spotted.

Inspired by the Simpson’s Episode “Homer to the Max” I think I am going to file for a legal name change.

Update 8/14/06: Photographic Evidence Fidel and Hugo are getting it on.

Update 8/16/06: Update: Cuban newspaper confirms

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6 Responses to “Castro Still Alive And The Commies Have The Pictures To Prove It”

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    Vladimir Opanasyuk Says:

    Fidel Castro – ???????!!!

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  4. 4
    Insider Says:

    Reuter’s photos coming out of Lebanon show Mr. Castro in fine health other than the damage caused to him by Zionist artillery.

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