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Mimi Miyagi for Governor

Mimi Miyagi (bio here) star of such film classics as Dirty Debutantes and Asian Sorority Fever has filed to run for governor of Nevada as a Republican. I don’t know what it is with porn stars and running for governor but I make the same plea to Ms. Miyagi as I did to Mary Carey, move to Washington run for the Senate against Maria Cantwell.

The good thing about her candidacy is that her former occupation taught her all about getting f***ed so maybe she will be a little light with the regulatory power. Plus how can you not vote for a candidate with a House Kurita tattoo and what looks like a Remington .308 sniper rifle.

h/t Six Meat Buffet

Update #1: Mimi Miyagi’s campaign blog is here My cursory examination revealed no objectionable material, but if you find some, well she’s a porn star what do you expect?

Update #2: The Primary is tomorrow Vote Mimi

Update #3: Mimi Lost

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5 Responses to “Mimi Miyagi for Governor”

  1. 1
    Moonage Political Webdream Says:

    That Republican stereotype strikes again

    For questioning another blog’s stereotyping of the Republican Party as a bunch of radical science hating religious fundamentalists, I got hate email, again. For those that felt compelled to believe the Kos stuff and ignore my own, I’m gonna give

  2. 2
    problematik.net » porn star mimi miyagi for governor Says:

    [...] e she will be a little light with the regulatory power. [ [...]

  3. 3
    KURU Lounge Says:

    to regain the majority, said in an interview yesterday that he will quit Congress if the party does not capitalize on an unparalleled opportunity. If that doesn’t give you a reason to vote GOP nothing will, but just for further incentive remember Mimi Miyagi is running as the GOP candidate for Governor of Nevada and Diane Irey is running for John Murtha’s seat. If we use the Babe Theory of Political Movements then the GOP should definitely win. via Michelle Malkin

  4. 4
    Arcadegamestore Says:

    Thanks for the great post!

  5. 5
    Moonage Political Webdream » Blog Archive » That Republican stereotype strikes again Says:

    [...] t was the Republicans that offered California Mary Cary a little while back as well. H/T Independentsource.com [...]