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Fidel Castro dead?

Redstate is reporting that their are rumors Fidel Castro has died. No confirmation yet.

Castro, born in 1926, was trained as a lawyer and was supposedly a hell of a ball player before becoming a murderous dictator, and general pain in the butt to the USA. Although he is credited with improving Cuba’s health care and educational systems, he is also blamed for the generalized depression of Cuba’s economy since the 1960’s.

Personally I hope that if he is dead relations with Cuba normalize in a realtively quick fashion. Firstly because every Cuban woman I have ever known has been smokin hot (ala Daisy Fuentes) and secondly it will leave that turd Hugo Chavez hangin.

Daisy Fuentes

pictured above Daisy Fuentes

Update: Looks like this news is wrong a little premature. However one day it will be correct and remember that you heard it here first.

Update: I have been checking around, lots of background noise nothing specific on either alive or dead. Venzualean TV carried an announcement of Castro’s death at 4:44pm 11/Jul but has since pulled the announcement. Hugo Chavez while discussing the recently published American transition plan for Cuba states “Fidel is tronger than ever”

The Jawa Report has more.

Update # 3: Babalu Blog has a deathwatch going, Fausta thinks Hugo Chavez is being a little too loud in his denials, and Michelle Malkin has noted the activity but doesn’t appear to have an opinion.

Update #4: The rumor that Castro is dead is still hanging around. Orbusmax (kind of a Pacific Northwest Drudge Report has picked up on it now, proving a link back to Babalu blog, who highlights the following:

- Hugo Chavez supposedly took an “urgent flight” to Cuba yesterday afternoon along with other high ranking Cuban officials. Details or news accounts of same unavailable.

- Granma once again published articles profiling Raul Castro, heir apparent to the dictator throne.

- WHPC reports that there is much action in Cuba at the moment, with reports from Granma stating that workers are “waging a fierce battle” in attempts to have construction and other related project complete for a huge July 26 island wide celebration. WHPC also speculates that said projects and celebration and construction may be some kind of secret preparations for an elaborate state funeral for the bearded dictator.

Babalu goes on to say he has received conflicting information from on the island it self and that he has received on rumor that Fidel is alive but mentally incapcitated due to Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Alex at Yo No Mas! takes exception to the publication of the rumors. Sorry Alex, but it was interesting so I wrote about it. Alex does have some pictures showing exactly why Castro needs to be out of power dead or otherwise.

Update 7/31/06: Castro not dead yet. Well at least we think he’s alive. Time for another rumor.

8/1/06: Castro dead again? Has surgery, turns over power to Raul, both promptly go missing.

8/11/06: Castro’s missing

Update 8/13/06: Castro still alive with photos to prove it.

Update 8/14/06: Photographic Evidence Fidel and Hugo are getting it on.

Update: Cuban newspaper confirms

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14 Responses to “Fidel Castro dead?”

  1. 1
    Jeremy-Gilby-dot-com » Rumor Fidelis? Says:

    [...] et-rumor running around, starting at the NRO Corner that Fidel Castro may be dead. Hattip: Independent Sources In other news, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qadha [...]

  2. 2
    Insider Says:

    Oh thank God, for a second I thought you were reporting that Daisy Fuentes was dead.

  3. 3
    Chad Says:

    That would be a tragedy she is my age and still hot.

  4. 4
    Donkey Cons Says:

    Castro dead? Thank you, God!

    That Commie bastard took over Cuba in 1959 — the year I was born — so I’ve been waiting my entire life for that lying bloodthirty SOB to collect his one-way express ticket to the Bottomless Pit. … Independent Sources points out that Cuban women ar…

  5. 5
    Alex Says:

    People who start rumors like this are lackin traffic thru their blogs and website…So, they say anything for people to read their borin blogs. but sadly to say this idiot Castro is still breathin, well actually tryin to breath jajaja..hopefully he would die on his B-day Aug,13 Stay Tuned…

  6. 6
    Insider Says:

    Well the story was widely reported including Venzualean TV. Not sure how it started and certainly not the first time that bloggers have prematurely announced someone’s demise. Remember this?

  7. 7
    Chad Says:

    Alex in my defense I didn’t start the rumor I just pointed it out. It was interesting on two fronts, first it was being credited with providing a bounce back into positive terrritory for the Dow Jones, second it was an opportunity to post a picture of Daisy Fuentes in a bikini.

    As a point of interest I have updated the main post above with a link back to Alex’s site, specifically his 14 July post “The Real Cuba”. Take a look there to see why Castro has to go.

  8. 8
    Christopherjbush Says:

    Fidel Castro did indeed die today 7/19/06 at around 3:30

  9. 9
    Chad Says:

    None of the news sites are carrying it so right now just an interesting rumor.

  10. 10
    John Shefer Says:

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  11. 11
    BOBBILOU Says:

    Fidel Castro sees Filmmaker Luis Moro’s movie Love & Suicide -

    and ruptures his intestine.

    Castro is immediately hospitalized

    when he finds out Love & Suicide, the movie is

    screenings in Miami at AMC Theatres starting this August 11th.

    Cubans in Miami cheer in the streets.

    LOVE & SUICIDE, the movie


    WHEN: Starting August 11th.


    3015 Grand Avenue

    Coconut Grove, FL 33133


    AND TICKETS http://www.AMCtheatres.com

    Or Call: (305) 466-0450.

    Castro said he was delegating power in Cuba to his brother because

    “he did not want to be around when Cuban’s in Miami see the real Cuba

    in the film Love & Suicide. They’re going to come and get me when they see
    Love & Suicide.”

    Fidel said, holding his guts in.

    “Seeing the movie Love & Suicide caused an acute intestinal crisis with
    sustained bleeding,”

    said a statement signed by Castro and read out by his official aide Carlos

    White House spokesman Peter Piper said he didn’t want to speculate on
    Castro’s physical health. “But mentally, Love & Suicide, the movie scared

    “Given the films success, we are monitoring the writer Luis Moro closely as
    Love & Suicide screens around the world.”

    As a country, we continue to work for the day when ‘The Cuban Evolution’
    Luis Moro started reaches everyone.” Mr. Piper also told reporters. “Mr.
    Bush will be holding a private screening to educate congress and the senate
    on the films theme.”

    Castro, who’s been in power since 1959 and turns 80 on August 13, two days
    after Love & Suicide opens in AMC Theatres at the famous Coconut Grove in
    Miami, Florida; yelled, “MORO, MORO, MORO!”

    Fidel Castro blamed Love & Suicide’s profound impact on him as the reason
    for his pre-resignation move.

    People around the world are overwhelming buying tickets for the upcoming
    screenings in Miami.

    For show times and tickets visit http://www.AMCTheatres.com or call (305)

    Visit http://www.TheCubanEvolution.com for updates and additional screening in New
    Mexico, Ohio and California.

    You’re in “The Cuban Evolution.”

  12. 12
    exMinistro Says:

    Last Information… straight from Cuba.

    Raul Castro has left the Island and he is in Italy.

    Many oders currently leaving !!!!!!

  13. 13
    is fidel castro dead: Web Search Results from Answers.com Says:

    [...] litics/fidel-castro/ so-is-castro-dead-or-what-186587.phpIndependent Sources » Blog Archive » Fidel Castro dead?et-rumor running around, sta [...]

  14. 14
    Independent Sources » Blog Archive » It Must Be A Slow News Week - Castro Dead Again Says:

    [...] t least that is the rumor over at Michelle Malkin’s site. Of course Castro has died before and been brought back I’m not holding my breath. Technorati tags: Fidel [...]