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Who has slept with the most women in the world? Hint: keep an eye on your wife at the Venetian

Maxim: “While the late NBA man-whore Wilt Chamberlain set the standard with 20,000 booty calls, a number of up-and-comers are making a run at the record. Check out the living contenders.”

#1 will surprise you.

    10. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) – 1,000
    9. Earvin (Magic) Johnson (basketball star) – 1,000
    8. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead frontman) – 1,200
    7. Jack Nicholson (actor) – 2,000
    6. Ilie Nastase (tennis star) – 2,500
    5. Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) – 3,000
    4. Julio Iglesias (singer) – 3,000
    3. Gene Simmons (Kiss frontman) – 4,600
    2. Charlie Sheen (actor) – 5,000
    1. Umberto Billo (Venetian hotel porter) - 8,000

Okay, who the heck is Umberto Billo? He’s a lowly porter at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Here’s what Maxim had to say about him:

Despite lacking fame, wealth, and U.S. citizenship, this Italian hotel porter insists he’s “made around 8,000 women happy,” sometimes entertaining four tourists a night. Umberto, whose talents came to worldwide attention when he appeared on the British TV show Eurotrash, claims he inspired tremendous brand loyalty—“They crossed oceans to see me”—as the ladies repeatedly returned to sample his services. Indeed, after his Venetian employer axed him from his porterly duties, an American businesswoman rushed to Billo’s defense: “I must have spent thousands in the hotel because of him!” His ex-boss remained unimpressed, complaining, “Sometimes he was too exhausted to carry the guests’ luggage.” Hey, the man’s not a machine.

I disagree. The man is a machine.

Here’s some additional information on the Mystery Man:

Rome: Hotel porter Umberto Billo has been sacked for being too tired to carry passengers’ luggage. He told a hostile tribunal that he had bedded 8,000 women guests over three years, by offering to befriend them at the check in counter, and had an insatiable wife to boot.

h/t: Dr. Hoist


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5 Responses to “Who has slept with the most women in the world? Hint: keep an eye on your wife at the Venetian”

  1. 1
    The Stevo in H-Town Says:

    Finally…A Hero….Right when America needz one…

  2. 2
    Gary MacTavish Says:

    How come nobody counts up how many MEN Magic Johnson slept with? Then he might give Umberto a run for his money.

  3. 3
    Broan Says:

    Thats a BS list…… 8000 in 3 years is like 8 a night lol if anyone has the most lay’s it would be a porn star. the only thing thats large about the people on that list is their wild imaginations lol

  4. 4
    Moonage Webdream Says:

    Independent Sources

  5. 5
    “My God, They’re Dead. They’re All Dead…Well, At Least We Have Billions Of Seeds.” | Cracked.com Says:

    [...] you ask, is Umberto Billo? He’s an ex-porter at a Venetian hotel who was recently fired for being “too exhausted to [...]