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Searching For Naked Women? You Must Be From … Salt Lake City?

Straight-laced Salt Lake has a secret. But it’s out — a new tool shows that when Salt Lake Dad is on the computer, he’s not downloading bank statements!

Yes, the country’s 45th largest metro area ranks near the top when it comes to searching for pictures of women without their clothes on.

Google’s new Trends tool compares how many searches there are for a particular phrase — say, oh, “boobs” — versus all searches coming from a city. Those with an unusually high percentage of searches for that phrase rank highest.

Salt Lake City guys, remember to clear the histories in your browsers. Because you’re leading the county in searches for :

“nude” (#1) and “naked” (#2)

“breasts” (#1) and “boobs” (#1)

the lounge-lizardly “hot babes” (#1) and “sexy chicks” (#1)

Salt Lake googlers are #3 in the nation in per-capita searches for “dirty pictures.” And “sex?” #7 — still overachieving!

SLC guys (and we know it’s guys) aren’t in the top ten searching for “missionary position.” Perhaps they’re tired of the double entendre? But “doggy style?” #3 !

If you’re searching for plain old “porn”, “xxx,” “hookers,” or something more exotic — you’re probably in Las Vegas, not Salt Lake City.

And here in the Los Angeles? Too busy for internet porn, LA residents are figuring out how to get their “screenwriting” (#1,2,3) careers on track while daydreaming of a “Porsche” (#1,2,4).

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7 Responses to “Searching For Naked Women? You Must Be From … Salt Lake City?”

  1. 1
    Moon Says:

    I’m not so sure I think this thing is terribly accurate. I mean, if you do ‘it” for “cow tipping”, the list is:
    1. Atlanta
    2. New York
    3. Chicago
    4. San Francisco
    5. Los Angeles

    That’s the entire list. Now, ya gotta ask yourself, how many cows are roaming around in all those cities combined to tip? And, my experience has been, outside of possibly Atlanta, most the kids in those cities will NOT venture into the rural world to find a cow to tip.

    ( And the kids in all the other cities and smaller enclaves apparently know the secret. )

  2. 2
    A Senior Administration Official Says:

    I think that proves it IS accurate! People search for something they have little knowledge of … thus, people in NYC disproportionately search for “cow tipping,” and guys in Salt Lake City search for naughty stuff …

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    Reminds me of the 2000 Larry Peterson incident in Provo, Utah, who was initially charged with selling obscene videos. His case was ultimately thrown out when the defense gathered evidence that the residents of Provo — despite being 90% Mormon — were disproportionately large consumers of porn. (See this Wikipedia or this NY Times article).

  4. 4
    A Senior Administration Official Says:

    Excellent links! The NYT article has this:

    “As it turned out, people in Utah County, a place that often boasts of being the most conservative area in the nation, were disproportionately large consumers of the very videos that prosecutors had labeled obscene and illegal.”

  5. 5
    Salt Lake City News - Page 2 Says:

    [...] did=O5QNB1SD2AP946VT&forum=city/salt-lake-city-ut” class=”commentsLink”>Comment? Searching For Naked W [...]

  6. 6
    Not a Jack Mormon Says:

    All of these Google Trends headlines are really stupid. Who cares which populations or demographics are looking for which naughty things or not. Besides, you are also trying to isolate a perceived majority. Please read the following from this article: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2005/08/24/national/a015304D13.DTL.

    “Anderson was elected in 2003 to a second term in office with 54 percent of the vote. About 65 percent of the city’s 182,000 residents are not members of the Mormon church — predominant in the rest of Utah — and 60 percent are Democrats, according to demographic estimates.”

    So basically you’re doing nothing but pointing the finger at a bunch of jack-Mormons, Democrats, and other affiliations.

  7. 7
    A Senior Administration Official Says:

    FYI, from Wikipedia: “Jack Mormon: … Sometime in the early to mid 20th century, the term changed culturally to refer to someone deemed by LDS adherents to be an inactive or lapsed member of the LDS Church who maintained good relations with and positive feelings toward the Church.”