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Malibu Crash Update (photo)

A reader sent us this photo which they claim was taken just before the Ferrari Enzo crash in Malibu.

Okay, the photo is not authentic but it is a good excuse for us to update you on the our least favorite grand theft auto embezzler Stefan Eriksson. Eriksson was finally charged with some of the crimes of this increasingly bizarre case:

    Grand theft auto
    Weapons charges

He is still being investigated by Scotland Yard and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Officials are looking into connections he might have with the Swedish underworld as well as fake Homeland Security officials.

His lawyer, Andrew Flier, claims that he is being treated “worse than a serial killer” because his bail was set at $5m, which they feel is excessive. Officials noted that 1) Eriksson has yet to tell the truth on any question given to him starting with “were you the driver of the car?” 2) He is a flight risk; and 3) This is far from his first brush with the law as he has been sentenced to prison three separate times.

A website called Wrecked Exotics is covering the story with a Natalee Holloway-like focus. Their coverage is from that of the wrecked Enzo, ours is from a desire to see anyone (drunk or not) who thinks it’s okay to drive down a street in an urban area like PCH in Malibu at 150mph+ to be treated like a shoe bomber.


h/t: Spartacus Tapscott Behind the Wheel

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