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Netflix Player “Exposed”: Boo-Boo or Brilliant Marketing?

Some sharp-eyed Netflix users and attentive bloggers possibly got an unexpected look at the future of Netflix.

According to HackingNetflix.com,

A technical glitch briefly exposed what could be the new Netflix download service. Tom writes:

I just noticed in my account info page, there is a section for “Netflix Player” with a link to “Register Player”. If I follow the link, there is a form to “Add a Netflix Player”, and it asks for “Registration ID” and “Name your box”. I haven’t noticed this before. I wonder if this is a new service that they are rolling out. Could this be something to do with movies-on-demand? Or do they have a netflix-branded movie player of some kind? Interesting….

Independent Sources question was this really a “glitch” or a very smart way to get a buzz going amongst the same tech savvy consumers who helped establish the now-dominant DVD rental firm. Netflix is extremely smart and they have seen the benefits that Apple has enjoyed by the legions of websites and blogs dedicated to following their every move. By the look of the trackbacks, whether on purpose or not, it’s working.

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Update: Has it happened again but this time with Apple?

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